Navigating Growth: Managing Facility Challenges While Rapidly Expanding

In this episode, Director, Operations and Maintenance at Huntley Schools Doug Renkosik shares his unique 30-year journey from structural engineering to facilities leadership in public education. The episode delves deep into the challenges faced by Huntley School District during its rapid growth from 800 to 10,000 students, highlighting the adjustments required in staffing, budgeting, and building maintenance. Doug emphasizes the importance of building a reliable team, maintaining rigorous training programs, and the critical need for effective communication with the Board of Education. 

00:00 Doug's work as project engineer, then facilities manager.
06:33 Investment in tech training can lead to loss.
08:56 Long hours, tight budget, frequent staff changes.
13:36 Requested help was ignored, causing prolonged stress.
14:45 Traffic engineer needed, problems arose later. Sprinkler system complexity and management issues.
20:34 Ohio funded new schools, increasing operating costs.
22:39 Sharing successes and staying connected with workforce.
27:01 Network, learn, make time, solve challenges.
28:05 Prioritizing exercise, reading, and outdoor adventures post-work.
Navigating Growth: Managing Facility Challenges While Rapidly Expanding
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