Mastering Effective Communication as a Facilities Leader

In this episode, our host, Brian Gregory, sits down with Darin Porter, former Director of Facilities at Wheelersburg School District. Together, they discuss the power of clear, effective communication in facilities and maintenance management. They cover: 
  • [00:00:42] Darin's background and transition from construction to facilities and maintenance management in public education
  • [00:02:30] The experience moving from the Iron Worker's Union to public education
  • [00:03:55] How Darin and Brian met and formed an incredible relationship (after some bumps in the road)
  • [00:07:00] How Darin defines effective communication and why it's so important to any industry
  • [00:09:40] Example of how poor communication can negatively effect a team or organization
  • [00:11:20] The impact of technology on communication and Darin's time at Wheelersburg School District
  • [00:13:30] The training Darin and his team went through to provide the best learning environment possible for students
  • [00:15:25] "Hallway Hijacking" and why it's not effective for your team
  • [00:18:22] Example of how strong communication had a positive impact 
  • [00:20:37] How to effectively communicate with external vendors and those outside of your team
  • [00:23:15] Advice from Darin for someone entering the facilities management industry

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Brian Gregory
Brian Gregory
Brian is the founder and CEO of FMX, a leading provider of facilities and maintenance management software.
Mastering Effective Communication as a Facilities Leader
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