Implementing New Technologies

In this episode, our host, Brian Gregory, sits down with Matthew D'Oyly, Director of Events and Conferences at Otterbein University. Together, they discuss what it looks like to effectively implement new software and processes to an established organization. They cover: 
  • [00:00:35] Matthew's background and how he came to work at Otterbein as Director of Events and Conferences
  • [00:01:28] What it's like to adopt a new system or software at Otterbein
  • [00:03:24] Overcoming "resistance to change"
  • [00:05:16] Choosing the appropriate software for your needs and culture
  • [00:06:55] How post-implementation is going for Matthew and his team
  • [00:8:50] How to effectively train your team 
  • [00:10:10] The KPIs Matthew and his team track to measure success
  • [00:12:50] The roles that are critical to success when implementing new software
  • [00:16:00] The largest challenges Matthew faces in his role 
  • [00:18:25] The new challenges on the horizon
  • [00:20:00] The largest and most impactful event Matthew has led
  • [00:22:22] How Matthew leverages students in his event operations
  • [00:23:40] Advice Matthew would give to someone looking to enter the facilities management and event management space

Creators and Guests

Brian Gregory
Brian Gregory
Brian is the founder and CEO of FMX, a leading provider of facilities and maintenance management software.
Matthew D'oyly
Matthew D'oyly
Matthew D'Oyly was the Director of Events and Conferences for Otterbein University for thirteen years. He's now coordinating events for The Ohio State University.
Implementing New Technologies
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