Diversity in Facilities Management

In this episode, our host, Brian Gregory, sits down with La Shawn Harrison, Space Planning Program Manager at Tesla. Together, they discuss the importance of diversity in facilities management and the value of gaining certifications in facilities management. They cover: 

[00:00:35] La Shawn's background and her journey from interior design and property management to facilities management
[00:02:40] La Shawn's experience working as a female in a predominantly male industry
[00:03:33] How unique backgrounds can be applied to a facilities management role
[00:06:21] Common challenges La Shawn faces in her day-to-day
[00:09:00] Diversity and inclusivity in facilities management
[00:11:11] La Shawn's role in Women in Facilities Management (WIFM)
[00:14:05] The importance of gaining facilities management certifications
[00:17:06] Advice for those entering the facilities management industry

Creators and Guests

Brian Gregory
Brian Gregory
Brian is the founder and CEO of FMX, a leading provider of facilities and maintenance management software.
La Shawn Harrison
La Shawn Harrison
La Shawn is a multiple award-winning Space Planner with over 25 years of experience helping global companies effectively manage, design, and develop workspaces. She's an advocate for the human being through accessibility, compliancy, and neurodiversity and a true believer that in design we have the choice to do it or to do it right.
Diversity in Facilities Management
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