Breaking Barriers and Advocating for Women in Leadership

In this episode, our host, Brian Gregory, sits down with Dr. Gabriella Blakey, Chief Operations Officer at Albuquerque Public Schools. Together, they discuss the importance of advocating for yourself and others. They cover: 

[00:00:42] Gabriella's background and why she chose education as her career path
[00:04:45] Gabriella's transition from teacher to principal to COO
[00:09:00] The pressures and dynamics of being a female COO
[00:13:00] The largest problems Albuquerque Public Schools is facing post-pandemic 
[00:16:48] Balancing compensation at Albuquerque Public Schools to attract and retain talent
[00:22:27] How Gabriella became a Bengals fan 
[00:25:45] Advice from Gabriella for the next generation of facility leaders

Creators and Guests

Brian Gregory
Brian Gregory
Brian is the founder and CEO of FMX, a leading provider of facilities and maintenance management software.
Dr. Gabriella Blakey
Dr. Gabriella Blakey
Gabriella is the Chief Operations Office at Albuquerque Public Schools and is an advocate for systemic change in education to meet the needs of all children in our communities.
Breaking Barriers and Advocating for Women in Leadership
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