Ahead of the Curve: Strategic Capital Planning in Schools

In this episode, our host, Brian Gregory, sits down with Tim Ivey, Chief Technology and Facilities Officer at Iredell Statesville Schools. Together, they discuss how to stay ahead of the curve by strategically planning your capital projects. They cover: 

[00:00:47] Tim's background and how he came to be in his current positon at Iredell Statesville Schools
[00:04:22] Why Tim spearheaded a capital improvement project for his district
[00:06:00] How Tim leverages the data from the district's Facility Condition Assessment to make decisions
[00:09:13] How capital planning affects Tim's day-to-day
[00:13:28] Exciting technology Tim sees on the horizon
[00:17:13] The opportunities Tim sees with AI for his district
[00:19:17] How Tim built such an incredible culture on his team
[00:25:46] Advice on starting a capital forecasting plan and advice for the next generation of facility leaders

Creators and Guests

Brian Gregory
Brian Gregory
Brian is the founder and CEO of FMX, a leading provider of facilities and maintenance management software.
Tim Ivey
Tim Ivey
Tim Ivey has worked at Iredell Stateville Schools for 30 years and is now their Chief Technology, Facilities and Maintenance Officer.
Ahead of the Curve: Strategic Capital Planning in Schools
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